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Tell your money who's boss!

Fun, Finances, and Foolery

Welcome to a place where handling your finances opens up possibilities rather than causes you stress. Where your money works for you rather than you working for more money. Where you can truly tell your money who's boss!


I'm Denée, your Wealth Coach. I'll help remove the financial roadblocks that get in the way of you living the life you want for yourself and those you love. With Focused Work, my coaching expertise, and sharing my experiences, you will see that you too can be in control of your own fun, finances and foolery.


What I Offer


Individualized support that focuses on you! A safe space to explore any and all financial roadblocks, and develop the habits that will help you in the long run.


Support through the process of facing your finances head on. Accountability, guidance and understanding as you transition from where you are now to where you want to be.


Shifting your mindset is essential to your financial fitness. You'll go from prioritizing money to putting it back where it belongs in your life. From money being a driving force to it becoming a resource you control.


Practical tools that will help you manage your finances with ease. You'll no longer worry about where your money went because you'll be deciding exactly where it goes!

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