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Is this you?

A woman sits down to pay her bills for this month. As she’s sorting through her payments, she wonders: “where does all my money go every month?! I work so hard; what am I doing wrong?”

A granddaughter gets off the phone with her grandfather who mentioned that he cannot afford his prescriptions. She has always imagined herself as someone who gives to those in need, but she’s worried how it would affect her financially.

A mom is worrying that she won’t be able to afford the education she wants for her children.

I can help!

I help women design a financial management system that tells them exactly what is going on with their money at all times.

I help women understand their relationship with money and become knowledgeable about finances so that they can live out the best version of themselves without finances getting in the way.

I help family-oriented women set financial goals, and build a step-by-step process that will help them achieve those goals.

That used to be me

I inhabited a scarcity mindset. I made a decent salary but lived in constant terror that I never had enough. I wanted to be debt free, but couldn’t see a way out. I stopped going out with friends and would often stay up late into the night wracked with worry. How am I going to ever afford a house or kids? How can I travel like I wanted to?

Then my landlady recommended the book “Total Money Makeover” and it changed my life. I realized there were practical steps to becoming financially fit and achieving what I wanted in life. Before taking those steps I needed to change my mindset and reprioritize the place money held in my life. After achieving these things for myself, I wanted to share this with the world, and help other people feel in control of their finances. 

Being a Wealth Coach lets me do just that

Through an 8-month program that gives you ongoing support as you shift your mindset and habits around money, you too can be in control of your finances! You will get financial tools that jump start your personal financial management system, as well as individual sessions so that you receive personal attention, a safe space to share your fears and triumphs and accountability during this financial fitness transformation. Check out more below!

Financial Fitness Coaching

Discovery Session

This session will focus heavily on creating our designed alliance, getting you ready for what coaching will entail, and my gaining a deeper understanding of what you are looking for out of this relationship.

Values, Vision and Goals

These sessions delve into your true values, motivations, and points of joy in order to have something to align with during later financial discussions. 

Understanding your relationship with money

This is the meat of the program! In order to make significant change in our behavior, we need to look at the root of the problem.

Financial Management System Creation

We will look at your current financial status, create a game plan to achieve the financial goals (aligned with your values!) you’ve set, and then start working on that plan.

CLosing Session

A place to look back at where you started, what you’ve accomplished and what you’ve learned. This is a celebration! 

After working with me,

that constant weight you feel will be lifted. You’ll have a program that will help you understand your current financial situation and develop a plan to where you want to be. You’ll see money as the resource it truly is and not the driving force it has been in your life. You'll feel confident in the financial decisions you make and secure in your financial fitness.

Isn't it time you took control of your finances rather than let them control you?

Don't Wait! Set up a session today!

I know it is scary to face your finances head on, but isn’t it scarier not to? You owe it to yourself and to those you love to transform your relationship with money and free yourself to do what you want. Invest in yourself and in your future. You’re worth it!

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