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Coaching Services

Financial Fitness Program

This 8-month program, detailed here, will transform your relationship with finances and set you on the path to achieving your values-driven financial goals. The program includes:  

  • One Discovery Session

  • 14 Coaching Sessions

  • One Closing Session

Price for this service is $1,600 paid in full or $1,900 paid in monthly installments of $237.50. Schedule your Free Consultation to get started.


Individual Coaching Sessions

Stand alone sessions that you can use when you want coaching on very specific topics, but are not currently enrolled in the Financial Fitness Program above. These 45 minute sessions allow us to explore whatever is top of mind for you.

Price for this service is $100 a session.


Kid's Financial Basics

I offer several short engaging lessons to introduce children (10-13 years old) to the basics of finance including: budgeting, intentional spending, balancing a check book, emergency funds and credit cards.

Prices for this service varies. Please reach out to request a price quote.


Living a Values-Led Financial Life!

Offered annually in January, I help you identify your values, understand how/if your financial decisions honor those values, and determine how those two can be more aligned. Join me, and a supportive group of women, for a short webinar to set your year off right!

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