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Values Video Series: Health/Enjoyment

Welcome, 2023! January is off to a wonderful start here at Focused Work, LLC. I'm excited about what the year has for me, my business, and for all of you!

Last year, I started a values video series to show you what living a values-led financial life can look like, I posted a video introducing myself, what I offer, and how living a values-led financial life is possible. In July of 2022, I shared my first values video on my value of Faith. I rounded out 2022 with my video on Fierce Finances.

I'd like to introduce you to my value of Health/Enjoyment. In this video (and all other ones) I answer three questions:

  1. What is my value?

  2. How do I make financial decisions based on this value?

  3. How does it feel to honor my value in my finances?

Check it out!

Video Credit: Olivia Ray

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